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Revisiting The Visitors

  Big flashback every time I am on large road in India and I see a horse nicely getting his way through the traffic:   Then obviously a horse is not SO surprising when you see every day cows, buffaloes pulling a carriage, camels … And on top of it, they are the horses of marriage; it is not like people really travel on horses.   But it systematically reminds me this...

Publié le 30/04/2012 dans Indian... par IndianSamourai | Lire la suite...

The Devil Inside

      French journalist Jacques Duquesne wrote a book about the Church and the Devil, demonstrating that Catholic Church got rid of him last Century along. And in fact advertising for the Devil is more in rockn'roll Lyrics or Hollywood movies now than in Christian Churches. This turn is for the author Duquesne a progress toward more Responsability: - First thing...

Publié le 10/03/2010 dans Lapinos par Xavier JASSU | Lire la suite...

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