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Essays on the new Green theology

The way churches consider ECOLOGY arises in an increased way in our current society. How can we think theologically about this awareness? How to integrate the ecological dimension without excessively sanctifying nature? How to act for the safeguard of Creation from a Christian perspective? Thinkers from different Christian traditions (Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox), from three...

Publié le 06/04/2022 dans French Windows par A lire | Lire la suite...

Winter's Olympic Tale

Are Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver made for demonstrating that Ecology is the last Capitalist's Stratagem? This spending of a many million dollar capitalist Shop-window, just after a big starvation in some poor countries in Africa or Asia, with the drawback of destroying natural mountains just for idiotic sportsmen fighting for a few seconds: what a clear confession. Of Course Chinese...

Publié le 24/02/2010 dans Lapinos par Xavier JASSU | Lire la suite...

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