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What to do in the jungle?

I finally started to actively learn Hindi 2 months ago (initially, I took 30 hours of class). My teacher is an old and nice fellow. However, the training does not go without clash… To start with, I have a thing for grammar. It is like that, I need to understand how the words work together to make a sentence. My teacher sees things in a different way: "Why is it like this?"...

Publié le 01/06/2011 dans Indian... par IndianSamourai | Lire la suite...

Des yeux au bacon (Bacon's eyes)

As the conditions of my private life include using the language of Shakespeare, I shall start the education of my successors in that noble tongue. May those who have ears and those who have eyes hear and see what I thereby am achieving. (A translation in French is under attempt.) The fable of Orpheus. Orpheus having his beloved wife snatched from him by...

Publié le 08/02/2010 dans Fodio par Fodio | Lire la suite...

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